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Klingon Intelligence Briefing

The Klingon Imperial Navy

Klingon Naval Strategy and Tactics

Klingon Ship

The Klingon warship excels when acting as a lone wolf. In many respects, the Klingon Navy is not so much a combat fleet as it is a collection of heavy, medium and light commerce raiders. In an one-on-one engagement, therefore, the individual Klingon warship is generally more than a match for any single commerce vessel or its escort.

In one-on-one skirmishes, the Klingon warship will usually attack head-on, with full frontal weapons to bear. After completing the initial attack run, the Klingon vessel will veer sharply to starboard or port and continue to make high warp passes along the same side. Thus, the Klingon can inflict maximum damage against one or two shields as quickly as possible. Apparently, IKV vessels and crew cannot execute emergency declarations and close turns which can often expose them to fire against unprotected portion of an enemy ship.

In general, Klingon commanders favor using traditional disruptors over photon torpedoes. (A more "liberal-minded" Klingon/Romulan Fusion commander will opt to use torpedoes, probably because he has had such weapons used against him in greater strength and numbers before.) On the average, the skills of a Klingon Weapons Officer is higher than that of the typical Federation Helmsman. This is because Klingon warship crews are involved in many battles, and there is no better way to hone weapons skills. Thus a Klingon vessel will often execute targeted fire against selected portions of an enemy vessel: the bridge, weapons control, engineering, etc. If he can inflict a critical hit, the Klingon will close within minimum range, and attempt to overwhelm his victim's shield with concentrated fire (even to the point of overloading his disruptors.

If he loses the engagement, the typical Klingon commander has lost the right to command in his subordinates eyes. Conditions are ripe aboard ship for a change of command, usually by force. Under such circumtances, Klingon captains have been known to take drastic measures to prevent the loss of command to another. No matter how battered a defeated Klingon ship maybe, Star Fleet vessels should maintain a discrete distance from it until the Klingons have settled their internal affairs one way or another.

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