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Mannequin Studio:Views & Reviews

camera T hese are some pages that are dedicated to mannequins, visual merchandising and fashion. The information from them are very varied, but a common thread is in all of them. Mannequins are featured prominently. is a site dedicated to visual merchandising in general and mannequins in particular. Lots of information and trivia. Mannequin Manufacturers addresses and how to contact them.

Sheiglagh's Fashion Windows My friend's Sheiglagh fashion page which features store windows and displays prominently displaying mannequins. Interesting tidbits on how to design and make store windows.

Mannequin Studio My site for Mannequin Stories. The I, Mannequin Series is very interesting. It is a story of from the point of view two mannequins who inhabit a store window.

Art of the Mannequin My friend James ML's page. Stories and lots of mannequin pictures. Updated weekly.

Mannequin Studio 2 The mirror site of the Fashion Avenue site for Mannequin Studio. Check it out if you have time.

Mannequins of Distinction Mannequin pics on this site from all over the over.

Mannequins:Private Collection A private collection of mannequin pics from a fashion photographer.

Fashion Avenue My friend Sheiglagh and I put up this fashion page for our work in fashion. Check out Street Fashion and Talkin' Style. They feature mannequin pictures.

Perfect Plastic Sales People This site features the article Perfect Plastic Sales People and Mannequin Images. Lots of pictures.

Mannequins:Fantasy Figures Mannequin Images and Mannequin Buyers Guide.

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